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We've been around since 06 so we're no start-up, but we still have that flat-out drive to innovate and challenge the status quo. Our maturity has taught us to be committed to continuous improvement and focused solutions that our customers increasing depend on.

DanFounder/CEO — Dan

Dan is the founding partner of Call-all LLC. It was his "Eureka" and sweat equity that got Call-all off the ground. As a former telecomm executive, Dan gets telephony and believes that human voice communication is going to keep people more truely connected for years to come.

RodrigoCTO— Rodrigo

Rodrigo is the engineering director (he wouldn't let us use the word "guru") who makes things hum at CallAll. He's resourceful as all get out and he can talk tech or marking with equal aplomb— even if it you're not asking him. Rodrigo eats, drinks, and sleeps CallAll.

LeoSr. Software Architect—Leo

Leo is the lead application developer on our "next gener ation" platform. He can crank out code like a caffeine infused organ grinder trying to keep up with the worlds fastest carousel. He's the key to our rapid application development and continuous improvement.

joe cSr. Web Architect—Joe C.

Joe C. owns the tech web. All web apps, both customer facing and administrative emanate from this maestro's hands. He allows us to use the web to make our platforms dance.

joe mSr. Branding Manager—Joe M.

Joe M. is responsible for user experience, customer interfacing, and keeping us linked in with "what's happening now". The CallAll brand was his brainchild, and he's fathering new service ideas daily.